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With more than 30 years of experience in fragrance products research and production, SERENE HOUSE has a complete system of product development, production, sales and aftersales service. As a creator and leader of fragrance product, we have been working on combination of craftsmanship, aesthetics and technology and on action of global sales & marketing. We dedicate ourselves to introducing our fragrance products as an invisible charm to our clients and to integrating this charm into their enterprises’ brand image.

Specializing in providing enterprises and companies with fragrances for their spaces, SERENE HOUSE offers wide range of fragrance options for both home use and commercial use. Our service includes clients from: hotel & resort, enterprise building, commercial offices, KTV, hypermarkets, department stores, 4S stores of car etc. and also for home fragrance, such as living room, bedroom, dining room etc.

A Cloud drifting in the sky symbolizes good luck in oriental world and tranquility in occidental sphere. A single white cloud pattern represents the freshness and purity of nature.SERENE HOUSE, using cloud as a brand image, has been promoting “Power of Tranquility” which would bring fresh and healthy air to counterbalance the stress and pollution of fast-paced urban environments.

Brand Introduction

Fragrance Brand from Switzerland

"Scent Recognition System”

Natural, Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Since 1992, SERENE HOUSE has been developing our own branding experience by having been producing fragrance products for popular brands from Europe and USA . In order to promoting our brand and the idea of bringing people with fragrance of purity, SERENE HOUSE has started our business in Switzerland from 2009 and has globally developed our sales network in popular department stores, brand stores in over 20 countries and areas.

In addition to the retail customer business, SERENE HOUSE has decided to establish B2B business which we focus on aroma diffuser system for commercial space use, such as hotel, club, office, show room, cinema, airport etc. Moreover, we have ability to create a customized aroma awareness system for every client from different brands. We tend to let aroma become a culture for consumers to communicate each other with taste of different aromas. In this way, we would create lifelong impression and emotion connection by developing fragrance tastes while bringing consumers relaxed ambience.

SERENE HOUSE has been leading the market while having our own research team who would manipulate cutting edge technique to make creative and popular products for our clients so that we would help our clients to have a better business performance through our unique scent products and our solution of scent diffuser system.
SERENE HOUSE’s essential oils are all made in Germany or in USA. Cooperating with local farm, we would guarantee our essential oils are made from 100% natural agricultural materials, processed by cutting edge craftsmanship and inspected and been certified by the international association of scent products production.

Global Distribution

SERENE HOUSE, established in 2009, has developed our own aesthetics of scent throughout the world covering over 20 countries in Europe, America and Asia, has become a world leading brand of fragrance product.





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Professional R&D Team

In order to lead with the market and promote fragrance business, SERENE HOUSE has its own professional team from Europe and USA to cover with design, package and R&D. These experts and professional give SERENE HOUSE a capacity to fit with client’s request and create many unique products.

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Professional Perfume Team

SERENE HOUSE essential oil comes from German and USA. We have been working with differ local farmer to acquire the organic materials to make 100% pure plant essential oil materials. This provides our international perfumer have great sources to create a unique fragrance.

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Certificates & Test Reports

SERENE HOUSE secure product quality to make sure everything pure and natural.

  • Natural Disclosure

  • IFRA Conformity Certificate

  • SGS Test Report

  • Natural_Disclosure-EUCALYPTUS

  • Natural_Disclosure-GRAPEFRUIT

  • Natural_Disclosure-LAVENDER

  • Natural_Disclosure-PEPPERMINT

  • Natural_Disclosure-TEA TREE

  • Fragrance Oil 1

  • Fragrance Oil 2

  • Fragrance Oil 3

  • Fragrance Oil 4

  • Fragrance Oil 5

  • Fragrance Oil 6

  • Fragrance Oil 7

  • Allergen

  • MSDS

  • Regular Analysis

  • Acute Inhalation Toxicity Test

  • Fragrance Compound


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