Scene Requirements

Public transportation is a space to communicate from point A to point B. Each passenger has its own destination and direction. If public transportation have fragrance in the space, it can help passengers to release tension, stress and exhausted. Back to 1959, some enterprises already apply rose fragrance into the rail station. It helps to release the air to create the happiness atmosphere.


SERENE HOUSE B2B series apply different size of space from airport lobby, rail station and transportation center. For example, we created original fragrance for China Southern Airline’s VIP room to enhance their customer’s user experience.


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Increase sales

Scent can trigger instant emotional connections with customers, thus being very effective in boosting sales. The sales performance of bread increases by 300% with good smell spreading from bakeries in the supermarket. ( Hirsch, 1995, International Journal of Aromatherapy)

Heighten Value Perception

Customers tend to perceive a scented space as being of better quality. Study participants were willing to pay 10-15% more for a pair of Nike shoes in a scented room as compared to identical shoes in a unscented room.

Enhance Customer Experience

Research indicates a 40% improvement in mood when exposed to a pleasant scent, resulting in happier customers.

Enhance Interior Aesthetics

Whether your space is new or in need of a facelift, scent is an economical way to create or enhance a modern ambiance, giving your business an updated look and feel. SERENE HOUSE B2B product with elegant design can enhance your interior aesthetics.

Expand Brand Recognition

Scent helps create memorable experiences and associations in people’s minds. According to the data, at least 63% of consumers have chosen one store/brand over another due to a stores pleasant scent.

Influence Mood

Pleasant scents can help your customers feel relaxed, happy and ready to do business. SERENE HOUSE has its own professional perfumer and can do customized adjustment to fit your request.

Increase Linger Time

Great fragrance can extend the customer’s stay to have more time to browse the products. According to the research, 82% of consumer would stay longer in a place that was pleasantly scented.

Create Memorable Experiences

Scent can evoke a warm feeling of familiarity and trigger memories. People are 100 times more likely to remember what they smell vs what they see, hear or touch.

Malodorous Prevention

If your business struggles with malodors or produces an off-putting smell, SERENE HOUSE products can help to greatly reduce, neutralize, or eliminate malodors.

Create a Welcoming First Impression

Scent sets a lasting first impression that connects emotionally on deeper levels with your customers from the second they walk through your door. Fragrance can create a very strong connection between brand and consumers.

6 Major Fragrance Collections, Options of Customization

Elegant and Soothing Floral

Wooden Oriental

Sweet and Pleasant Fruity

Revitalizing Herbaceous

Desirable Gourmand

Refreshing Marine

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