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Promisedland Resort


Promisedland Resort

Products:Hive(wall-plug scent diffuser)
Fragrance:Ocean Deep


Promisedland Resort
Promisedland Resort


About the Case

Promisedland Resort was designed by the world-leading designer, WAT&G, with its fantasy inspired by the work of Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi. The surrounding landscaping creates an environment refreshing to the spirit and relaxing to the soul. Guests experience impressive views across the landscape. Each guest room has a view of the manmade lagoon, 2.2 km in length. It connects through 22 cottage buildings which house most of the significant resort attractions.

All guests are immediately within reach of the water after walking out of their rooms, which are built out of stones, wood, bricks, iron and leather. Also, every rooms is equipped with Hive (wall-plug scent diffuser) and SERENE POD® “Ocean Deep”to create a passionate and bright atmosphere, making tourist enjoying the pleasure time.

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