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Jincheng Hotel


Jincheng Hotel

Fragrance:White Chapel


Jincheng Hotel
Jincheng Hotel


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Jincheng The hotel is located in Dongshankou, Guangzhou. The subway station is at the door. It is very smooth to and from the railway station, the east railway station, the bus station and Tianhe passenger station. It is only 5 minutes' drive from the global station of the main line of the airport. It is no more than 500 meters away from Guangdong provincial Party committee, Guangzhou Military Region, Guangdong Provincial People's Congress, Guangzhou Railway Bureau and other major institutions, Guangdong People's Hospital and Zhongshan Medical University.

Jincheng Hotel is the reception hotel of Guangzhou Military Region, which is also designated by the central government and Guangdong provincial government. There are domestic long-distance and city telephone in the hotel room.

Jincheng Hotel chose the fragrance “White Chapel” to  create a elegant atmosphere.

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