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Product specifications:
Aroma Diffuser of multi-function, compatible w/ air conditioning system.
Exquisite outfit, simple and avant garde, use independently ot optional installation and connection with ceiling concealed air conditioner, special design for large space, such as exhibition hall, retail store, hotel etc.

Product Size:W220 x D102 x H317 mm
For space dimension: 1,500 m³
Oil Capacity:500 ml
Voltage:DC 12 V
Weight:3.2 kg
Power:18 W
Noise:<38 dba

RRP: ¥3,500



1.Outlook w/ up to date style: quality metal outfit w/ acrylic screen, easy for installation and cleaning, available for different types of spaces

2.Easy to use: simple function w/ instinct

3.Long lasting and stable intensity of aroma diffusion: atomization of nanotechnology produces finer water molecule

4.Noise free: suitable for (hotel) rooms

5.Low power consumption and Low oil consumption: 4 phases aroma diffusion timer control & diffusion’s duration control

Applicable Spaces

Commercial spaces such as airports, hotels, clubs, entertainment centers, cafes, restaurants, banquet halls, reception halls, banks, office buildings, gyms, convention centers, or home spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms.


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